The doubts of Antoine Griezmann

The player has been isolated since the end of League to disconnect from all the pressures he receives Everything is agreed with Barça, but nothing is signed and the club will not move until July 1 Antoine Griezmann is still the name that appears at the top of the list of Barça signings . Nothing that has been done so far to dress the Frenchman of Blaugrana has disappeared. The club, with Josep Maria Bartomeu at the head, moved agile and accurate to lay the foundations of an agreement that should lead to the Atletico football player at Camp Nou. But the market is a living being that evolves and transforms with ease to which only the black on white with its essential rubric manages to fix. Without a signature, nothing is law and the words are carried by the wind.

IED, NOT SIGNED The statements from all the estates of Barça (Bartomeu, Amor, Suarez and, the last, Messi ...) are the realization that something has moved between Griezmann and the club. And so it is. There is a pre-agreement in which five years of contract were agreed, a record of fifteen million net per season plus bonus and the signing bonus . The player would be directly in the second tier of the salary scale of the template, only behind Leo Messi. The treatment is total, but the most important thing is missing: the signature. The reasons for not having signed the agreement are obvious: Griezmann has a contract in force with Atlético . All parties also deny that there is a compensatory clause for which the player must compensate Barça with a fixed amount in case he decides not to keep his word and backs down. It would not be the first time that something like this is agreed, but they are not things that go away cheerfully. Also for obvious reasons. In spite of everything, the Barça assists calm to everything what surrounds to the Frenchman and its future the last days and it is not going to make any type of movement.Get your free apuestas 365 soccer tips.

TOTAL DISCONNECTION Griezmann has lived on an emotional roller coaster throughout the season and the worst stretches of his journey have been through in recent weeks. The striker has been subjected to a suffocating level of pressure that he has tried to assimilate in the best possible way. It has not affected him on a sporting level, as he has shown by offering excellent performance and leading the team of Diego Simeone. The best test was the final of the Europa League, where he completed a great game and scored two goals to deliver the title to the mattresses. On a personal level it is another story. It has not gone well because it has been the handkerchief of the game, which has been stretched like chewing gum. Atlético planned a joint and coordinated strategy to convince him that the best option is to continue at rojiblanco . According to 'El Larguero', of the Cadena Ser, Gil Marín, CEO, Andrea Berta, sports director, and Simeone, technician, met with Griezmann last Friday, before the celebration for the European title, at the home of the player himself . According to the same information, a principle of agreement was reached to seal its continuity (with the commitment of four more years of contract and 25 million gross per season). A verbal pact. Another one. But the doubts appeared again when the Metropolitan punished him with whistles his equidistance.

Several means of Madrid even pointed out that the player would have communicated to the team that followed before playing against Eibar. After the beeps, start again. The disappointment left the anger and the French did not even attend the celebration dinner (volunteer). Griezmann has disconnected. Barça watches from a distance, convinced that not having given the yes to Atlético is synonymous with a no. On July 1, on the horizon.